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Fly Into RDU International Airport To Begin Your Retreat From Modern Living

Legs cramped from a nine-hour flight, you’re rub your bleary eyes and trying to hold back the fatigue. A late night red-eye just dropped you off at RDU International Airport. A hotel and a warm bed are obviously first priority, but there’s an itch, a need to retreat from modern living lighting up the back of your mind. In fact, that’s the only light that’s still on in your head, because your flight from California was exhausting. Get some sleep in that warm bed. Rest and dream until morning.

One continental breakfast and hot shower later, ideas are flowing. Swallow that last cream-cheese bagel bite, and let’s turn those fleeting thoughts into real ideas before your jet-lag tries to pull you back to bed. For a quiet and peaceful morning, you’re heading away from RDU International Airport.

What’s your destination?…….

Furrow your brows for a second, take a final swig of cool coffee, and make a beeline towards your ride. Right on time! Your chariot awaits, My RDU Airport Shuttle promptly drives you to your first destination, Umstead State Park. Accessible from the I40 and US70, a watery threesome of man-made lakes awaits.

Cross rustic wooden bridges, take Inspiration trail, and really retreat from modern living for a few hours. The flight to RDU International Airport was long, and there are kinks in your lower back. Stretch, watch horses and their relaxed riders bobbing along equestrian trails, and slowly make your way back to your ride,

My RDU Airport Shuttle is waiting at the pickup spot and on time again! It’s quiet but for the sound of a few woodland birds, but it’s also time to work out those kinks in the most enjoyable way possible.

The corner of that green swathe of state park land was barely 2-miles away from the airport. The next stage in your road trip takes you on another 2-mile trip, which means you’re about to spend some much needed relax time at Umstead Spa.

You’re already onto phase two of “Operation Relax.”……..

The spa is 4-miles away from RDU International Airport. It’s technically located in Cary, North Carolina, so maybe you’ll get to explore the area after the massage. Inside the resort-like space, the contemporary decor blends with organic accents, wood and stone, to ease you into a relaxed state of mind. The atmosphere is serene, the services comprehensive, and the treatment decadent. The Babassus sugar scrub and full body exfoliation procedures have finally loosened your muscles, so take this chance to grab some fresh air.

As promised, the road trip is taking you into Cary…..

Since your ankles are still complaining about the flight from California to RDU-International, take a seat on the wide deck outside the Chatham Hill Winery. And remember, you aren’t driving, My RDU Airport Shuttle is! Take time to sample some of the delicious smooth wines Chatham Hill Winery has to offer. Your goal is to retreat from modern living, indulge in the area’s wine.  There’s usually live music at the end of the week, so there’s an auditory sedative coming. A taste of musical peace will intoxicate you in ways that an alcoholic beverage never could.

If the sun is dipping low and the weekend really has begun, consider a night of outdoor music. The winery wedged the notion in your head, so don’t resist the impulse. Still relaxing and touring the area in and around Cary, you buy a ticket for an event at Koka Booth Ampitheatre.

This unique outdoor music venue is small, but it’s a hard to forget structure. The architecture is appealing, as are the events. They range from small concerts to fun movie nights. Incidentally, consider bringing a lawn chair; you’ll be sitting on a pasture that’s surrounded by majestic hardwoods and tall pine trees. However, if your derriere is still sore from the flight, just stretch out on the lawn and have a late evening picnic.

Your chariot is waiting…….

It’s time to head back to Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s a bustling city, with fine restaurants and a lively cultural center. This is the point where you begin your transition. A rustic traveler for the day, you’re moving back to your cosmopolitan persona. There’s the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences to aid that transition. Seven floors of fascinating exhibits should be more than enough to pique your intellectual faculties and prepare you for the next leg of your trip. If your eyelids are as heavy as lead at this point, take in an evening meal, then make haste back to your hotel room.

Up early and shuttling back to RDU International Airport. Take this chance to relax in your RDU airport shuttle. Review snapshots of state parks, museums, wineries and that outdoor entertainment venue. Continue the fond ruminations in the Terminal 2 dining area, perhaps in a Carolina Ale House or Starbucks. Finally, trying on a newly relaxed smile, head for your gate and think about next time.