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RDU Airport Shuttle Service: The New Age of Airport Shuttle Service

RDU Airport Shuttle Service: The New Age of Airport Shuttle Service

Imagine it’s pouring out. You’ve just gotten off a goodness knows how long flight, fought with the baggage claim only to realize the two or three travel shampoos you snagged before leaving your hotel have since exploded, and now it’s time to make the trek to your car in the parking garage. Everything is gray, and all you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep.

What if you didn’t have to make the trip? Instead, you could hop off of the plain, grab your luggage, and head straight to the door where an Airport Shuttle Service is waiting to take you home. Well, the Raleigh-Durham Airport has just the service!

My RDU Shuttle is a door-to-door shuttle service to make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful. It works a sort of “taxicab” service in the Raleigh-Durham area, serving the 150-mile radius surrounding the Raleigh-Durham Airport and allowing for “point-to-point,” “airport-to-airport,” “airport-to-city destinations within Raleigh-Durham or Chapel Hill, NC,” or “small group transportation up to six people per trip.” They boast “thoroughly inspected and cleaned” vehicles along with “drug [tested] and background [checked]” drivers that will keep your family or small group safe during the daunting post-travel ride home. It’s always hard for a vacation to end. Why not let My RDU Shuttle Service help you make it a little easier?

Still, need convincing?

The process is so simple – book by the My RDU Shuttle website, by phone, text message, or fax up to forty-eight hours in advance; pay by using any major credit or debit card, and meet us at your terminal! No more searching for signs or trying to remember where exactly you parked your car.

Not only that but RDU Airport Shuttle Service offers affordable flat-rate pricing and offers senior and military discounts along with occasional promotions. So, as you plan your flight for that big business trip, it would be so easy to plan to use this service and budget it in to save time, gas money, and, let’s be honest, sanity in the long run. In fact, get a 25% discount when you reserve your ride online!

So, what about the RDU Airport Shuttle Service’s services?

Scheduling flights can be a pain. Say you’re flying into Raliegh-Durham and have a flight later that day at Coastal Carolina or Fayetteville. Being within the 150-mile radius, you no longer have to rent a rental car for the day and take on the responsibility of driving.

Or, imagine you need to get from the airport to DoubleTree by Hilton or need to get to the Greensboro Furniture Market fast? Well, your location might just be covered by My RDU Shuttle Service.

Are you going on a business trip with a few colleagues or a family vacation? My RDU Airport Shuttle can pick up to six people so that your party can arrive and/or depart at the same time. Don’t risk anyone getting lost – stick together from beginning to end and ensure a safe and fun trip from the very first step to the very last.

Advice for Booking

It is recommended to arrive at the airport an hour and a half early for domestic flights and two hours early for international flights, so factor that in while booking your ride alongside your flight. Also remember that unless you are planning a private ride, add thirty minutes in travel time to pick up other passengers.

While it is typically okay to make your reservation up to forty-eight hours in advice, My RDU Shuttle Service recommends you reserve your seat as soon as possible to ensure availability. If you reserve your spot on the shuttle when you book your flight, you’ll have one less thing to worry about later.

Overall, using My RDU Shuttle Service can ease your travel experience. You no longer need to be stressed over getting from Point A to Point B. Instead, you can enjoy your trip, whatever it may be. Simply contact My RDU Airport Shuttle for an affordable and reliable transportation option and take the hassle out of travel. With all of these benefits, it’s a wonder that Airport Shuttle Service hasn’t caught on in more a widespread way, but for now, utilize this service in the Raleigh-Durham area with My RDU Shuttle Service – leave your keys at home. Ride with My RDU Airport Shuttle!