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Airport Shuttle Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts for Passengers

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Using an airport shuttle is a popular way for travelers to quickly get in and out of the airport. When using these services at the RDU airport, proper etiquette is advisable. There are little things that you can do that help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for fellow passengers and the driver.

Things to Consider for Airport Shuttle Etiquette

While arriving on time may be a struggle for some folks, it’s respectful to be prompt so that we can keep things on schedule. Understanding the airport shuttle etiquette dos and don’ts will make your journey more pleasant. Here are some essential guidelines to follow to navigate our airport shuttles efficiently.

Do: Respect the Personal Space of Others

We offer a wide variety of transportation options, and when you’re using our standard shuttle, it’s essential to respect the personal space of your fellow passengers. Though you want to spread out and be comfortable, you must ensure you don’t occupy more space than necessary.

During prime seasons, our shuttles can get quite crowded, so you want to ensure you respect one another. You must keep your belongings close to you and avoid invading your neighboring seats. When you maintain appropriate personal space, it allows everyone to travel comfortably.

Of course, if you need more space to accommodate larger parties, you can always use one of our shuttles with more room. We have several vehicles at your disposal that can accommodate whatever size party you have with you, and it can give you the space you need. You can visit our user-friendly website to see the vehicles we offer and book your next airport shuttle.

Don’t: Pack Oversized Luggage or Bring Excessive Bags

While our airport shuttle is designed to accommodate you and your luggage, it’s crucial to consider the space limitations. When you bring oversized or an excessive number of bags, it can create space issues that may inconvenience others.

During peak travel times, how quickly we can get you to and from the airport can be compromised by the number of passengers and luggage. Overloading the shuttle with excessive luggage can impede other passengers from finding suitable space and bring discomfort and delays.

Do: Arrive on Time

One of the most important aspects of airport shuttle etiquette is punctuality. It’s always best to arrive at the designated pick-up location a few minutes early. Everything at the airport runs on a timely schedule, so you want to ensure you get to the gate promptly.

Remember, we have a strict schedule that we must follow, and if you’re late, this causes delays that can inconvenience other passengers and disrupt the driver’s route. Our goal is to get all our passengers to and from the airport in a timely manner. When you’re prompt, you demonstrate respect for fellow travelers and the staff at My RDU Airport Shuttle.

Don’t: Engage in Loud or Disruptive Behavior

Whether you’re on a shared shuttle or a private one doesn’t matter, as you want to keep the environment quiet and peaceful. You might need to take a phone call or listen to music to calm your nerves.

However, avoid engaging in loud conversations or playing your music so loudly that those around you can hear. Headphones can make the trip more enjoyable for you, the driver, and fellow passengers. Maintaining a considerate noise level can make the atmosphere more pleasant for everyone.

Do: Follow Instructions from the Driver

The airport shuttle driver has a significant responsibility for your safety and the smooth operation of the service. It’s essential to listen attentively and follow any instructions provided.

Instructions they might provide include rules about seatbelt usage, loading and unloading procedures, or specific drop-off points. By complying with their guidance, you contribute to a safe and efficient journey for all passengers.

Don’t: Consume Overpowering Food or Beverages

While bringing snacks or drinks aboard an airport shuttle is perfectly acceptable, it’s essential to be mindful of their aroma. Strong-smelling foods or beverages can be disruptive to others, especially if they have allergies or sensitivities. A driver or fellow passenger doesn’t want to smell someone eating a tuna fish sandwich or something loaded with garlic, as it can be nauseating in a tight space.

It’s best to choose relatively odorless items and keep fragrant foods and beverages to a minimum. Being considerate of fellow passengers helps create a comfortable environment for everyone. Additionally, open containers of alcohol are illegal due to open container laws, so all alcoholic beverages must be unopened.

Tips for Making Your Trip Enjoyable

Some rules and other courtesies make your airport shuttle trip more pleasant. You don’t want to start or end your voyage on the wrong foot, so making the journey more enjoyable for everyone involved is advisable.

From ensuring you’re punctual with time to respecting personal space and following instructions, these do’s and don’ts provide a foundation for courteous behavior. Check out our website to schedule your next shuttle service and ensure you’re ready for your next flight at the RDU Airport.

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