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Flying with Pets: A Comprehensive Guide to Pet-Friendly Air Travel

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Many people can’t imagine leaving their fur babies behind when they travel. However, going to further destinations that require a flight can be more troublesome with pets in tow. Thankfully, My RDU Airport shuttle is pet friendly, and we accommodate those who utilize pet-friendly air travel services. 

These days, bringing Fido along on vacation has never been easier. Before you enter the airport, there are many things that you must do to ensure that your flight is both stress-free and smooth for you and your four-legged friend. Traveling with pets has become increasingly popular, especially since more research has been done about the benefits of pets on mental health. 

Sadly, not every animal is travel friendly, as you must consider their temperament, size, and overall health. Though you may want to bring along your beloved cat or dog, it might be better to leave them at home. There are options like a pet sitter or boarding facility to care for them while you’re away. 


Tips for Pets and Airline Travel

If your animal is safe to travel the friendly skies, you need to choose an airline with policies that are ‘pet friendly.’ There are often restrictions on the breed and the number of pets allowed on any one flight, so it’s best to call ahead and find out the details. Here are some things you should remember when traveling with furry family members. 

1. Book in Advance

Each flight has limitations for cargo. While you think your husky might take up little room, a 90 lb. dog does need to be accounted for in weight and space. The standard policy is that most airlines want a 48-hour notice when bringing a pet on any flight. 

So, 48 hours before your flight leaves, you must contact the airline and ensure they can accommodate you. The animal may be placed in the cabin, or the cargo hold area, so you need to find out ahead of time so you’re not disappointed about the arrangements. 

2. Get a Vet Clearance

Before boarding a plane, your pet must be up-to-date on all their vaccinations. All airlines require a veterinarian check-up before flying. Some states and countries have more specific requirements for pets crossing their borders, so having this health certificate brings you into compliance and eases any issues.

3. Get A Comfortable Travel Crate

Travel crates are necessary for most animals’ safety and comfort during the flight. Containers that are too small can cause distress. Your pet should be able to quickly turn around, stand, and lie down without an issue. 

The crate should also be well-ventilated and sturdy. The mesh and collapsible ones are not the best for these flights, especially if a pet is in the cargo area. You need to ensure they’re in something durable that will protect them. 

The crate should also have all your travel information and documents securely attached to it. Additionally, if you use a cage sparingly, it’s important to acclimate them to these confined spaces long before the flight. 

4. Don’t Forget the Pre-Flight Potty Break

Your animal will not be removed from their crate for potty breaks during your flight. So, you must ensure they empty their bladder before you hit the runway. It would be miserable to be confined in a tight space and not be able to relieve yourself, so be kind and make sure they go to the bathroom. 

5. Know Security Checks Will Take Longer

Traveling with animals isn’t always convenient, and you can expect more extended security checks. They will likely ask you to remove the pet from the carrier, so they can inspect things. Though it’s a burden, please remember that these are safety protocols to ensure the flight is safe. 

6. Adhere to Airline Policies

The airline has guidelines for pet travel, and you must adhere to them to make the journey easier. For instance, some airlines won’t allow crates to be opened during the flight, as it can be dangerous for your pet and passengers if they roam freely. You don’t want any issues, so it’s best to familiarize yourself and adhere to the rules. 

7. Pack the Essentials

Leaving home with a fur baby is like taking a child on vacation. They need snacks, toys, waste bags, a leash, favorite clothing, and anything else to make the journey stress-free. It’s advisable to pack a travel bag so that you can keep all their things together. 

Snacks can be a great way to calm the savaged beast, especially if they’re in a crate. Ensure you don’t overdo it because they can’t reach a restroom until you’re back on the ground. 


Booking a Pet Friendly Airport Shuttle

We understand that animal transportation to and from the airport can be a task, so we’re here to help. RDU Airport is pet friendly, and so are we. Just let us know during your booking that you’ll be traveling with a pet, so we can be sure that we have ample room and accommodate your needs. 

As always, you can book a friendly airport shuttle 24×7 by calling us at 919-728-0195, or you can book online at