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10 Tips for Sleeping on an Airplane

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10 Tips for Sleeping on an Airplane

Your bags are packed, and you’re ready for vacation. There’s only one issue between you and that fabulous destination: the long plane ride. You’re envious of the other folks who effortlessly drift off into dreamland as you struggle to close your eyes. How can so many people fall asleep amongst all the noise and chaos on a plane?

Tips for Sleeping on a Plane

If you struggle to close your eyes when flying the friendly skies, then you need a few tips from the experts. The next time you catch your flight from the RDU Airport, try a few of these things to help you rest.

1. Bring Earplugs

Part of the reason you’re unable to sleep is because of all the noise. There’re movies, kids jostling about, and people chatting. This can be incredibly annoying if it’s a long flight and you need rest. A simple solution is earplugs. They’re inexpensive and work like a charm.

2. Adjust Your Position

Let’s face it; there’s not much room on those economy seats. If you don’t upgrade to first class, you need to make the most of what you’ve got. First, most seats will adjust so that you can recline the back.

Second, ask for a pillow to put behind your neck, or bring your own travel pillow. This will keep you from getting a stiff neck and encourage sleep. Another thing you can do is uncross your legs and keep your knees slightly bent. This will enable you to utilize your area to the best of your abilities.

3. Ask Your Doctor for Help

Tranquilizers are an option for people who get anxiety or find that rest is impossible on a plane. The only downside to using these is that you can become too groggy. Should the aircraft have an emergency, and you need to evacuate, you need to be alert enough to do so.

The good news is that you can use a Raleigh RDU Airport Shuttle to help you so that you don’t have to drive to and from the airport. Other options like herbal teas, a glass of wine, or natural alternatives like lavender, can help you rest without being heavily sedated.

4. Get the Window Seat

While the seat itself isn’t any bigger, you will have more headroom using the window seat. Let’s not forget about that fantastic view either. You can quickly put the pillow in this window area and get a few more inches. Who doesn’t want to see the view from the RDU Airport takeoff or landing?

5. Use a Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask may be another option that can help if you can’t rest. You want to make sure it can block the light well so that you can rest. Many people find it’s all the distraction they need to help keep the light out of their eyes.

6. Keep Your Area Clean

Don’t try to keep baggage in your seat area, as there’s little room. Keep the necessary items with you, and you should put everything else in the overhead storage compartment.

Who can sleep when they’re pinned in from all this extra stuff? Another option is to hold valuables like computers and tablets, as they can usually fit comfortably on your lap. This will give you more room for your legs.

7. Hand a “Do Not Disturb” Sign

While this may seem radical, it’s just crazy enough to work. Some flight attendants have noticed a new trend in the Raleigh Durham Airport, especially for those longer flights. Some people make signs like those found on a hotel door and put them on their seats.

This lets people around you and the flight staff know that you’re trying to rest. They won’t disturb you by asking if you need a drink, and your neighbor won’t feel the need to chat.

8. Get a Seat Far from the Restroom

The last place you want to be is close to the bathroom, especially if you have sleeping issues. If you know the flight will be long and tedious, get somewhere where the disturbances will be fewer.

9. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Most people want to look presentable on a plane, but this is more about comfort when you’re going to be on there for a few hours. Wearing a sweat suit or some leisurewear can make the trip more relaxing, and it will be easier to rest.

10. Book a Red-Eye Flight

If you need to sleep on a plane, the best option is to book a red-eye flight. Naturally, you feel more relaxed and can sleep when it’s dark outside. If you book a flight in the middle of the afternoon, you will have a more challenging time sleeping.

These flights are usually more crowded and active, plus your body is up and ready for the day. Don’t worry, as you can still get an Airport Taxi Service no matter what time you need it.

Final Thoughts for Sleeping on a Plane

Don’t let a long flight keep you from anticipating your vacation destination. You want to do things to make your trip easier, so pack some extra aids to help you sleep. Additionally, getting a Raleigh Airport Shuttle can help you get to the car rental counter or your local hotel. Transportation to the airport should be the least of your worries, so you plan that fabulous vacation and leave the transportation to us.

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