Sheraton Raleigh Hotel – Ride Share In and around Downtown Raleigh

When you have an early flight to catch, or you are getting late for your meeting. Always book an advance taxi from Sheraton Raleigh Hotel through My RDU Airport Shuttle. We have the means to offer you value and comfort that you’ll love, whether travelling alone or in a group.

Simple private rides with us from Sheraton Raleigh Hotel

We all have been through those moments when every passing second makes us anxious because we are late for something. Well, we understand that, and our services are designed to cater to these concerns. With just one phone call, we can make your traveling experience filled with extra space, comfort more than needed, and peace at any cost. Our luxurious limos and conventional car services make your travel comfortable when you reserve with My RDU Airport Shuttle.

  • direct
  • pre-paid
  • no stress

Shuttles, both private and shared

We collaborate with hundreds of transfer firms to arrange pick-up and drop-off services to thousands of unique destinations. To make a quick and simple online reservation, travellers can compare the many transfer firms and make their selections based on the cost, star ratings, and chosen transfer type (private car or shared shuttle).

The types of taxis available

  1. Traditional Taxis: Taxis are the most common type and can be found in just about every city. They are typically metered, so you know exactly how much your fare will be before you get in.


  1. Ride-sharing Services: These services allow you to request a ride from your smartphone and typically cost less than traditional taxis. However, they may only be available in some areas, and surge pricing (higher fares during busy times) can sometimes make them more expensive than traditional taxis.


  1. Airport Shuttles: Airport shuttles are a great option if you’re looking for a cheap way to get to or from the airport. They typically run on set schedules and routes, so you’ll need to plan to use one.


  1. Limousines: Limousines are usually more expensive than other types of taxis, but they offer a luxurious experience that you won’t find with different options. They’re typically used for special occasions like weddings or business events, but they can also be hired for regular transportation needs.


  1. Wheelchair-accessible Taxis: Wheelchair-accessible taxis are specially-equipped to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs. They may be more expensive than regular taxis, but they offer a much-needed service for those with limited mobility.

Benefits of using our taxi service

For many, using a taxi conjures images of expensive fares and long wait times. However, there are many benefits to using a taxi service, especially compared to other transportation forms.

  1. For one, taxi services are much more convenient than public transportation, and you can hail a cab and be on your way.
  2. In addition, taxi services are also generally more comfortable than other forms of transportation.
  3. You can sit back and relax in a clean, comfortable car instead of being crammed into a crowded bus or train.
  4. Finally, taxi services can be cheaper than you think, especially when you factor in the cost of parking and gas. So if you’re looking for a convenient, comfortable, and affordable way to get around, our taxi service is worth considering.
  5. Finally, a taxi service can help you stay safe. Taxi drivers are trained professionals who know how to navigate the roads safely.

Why use our taxi service?

Our taxi services are great for getting around town without worrying about parking, traffic, or public transportation. There are many reasons to use taxi services. Still, the most important reason is safety. Taxi drivers are trained professionals who know the streets and can get you to your destination safely. So the next time you’re looking for a ride, consider a taxi service. There are many reasons to use a taxi service. Taxi service is a great way to get around town or to get to and from the airport. Taxi service is also a great way to avoid traffic and to find parking.

Our trustworthy services

With a focus on transportation to and from RDU International in the Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill districts of North Carolina. Our journeys are priced flat for your convenience because we take pride in providing the best value for your airport and tourist destination travel.

We can provide dependable, first-rate airport transportation services to and from RDU thanks to our experience in small and large group transportation. Our BBB and RDU Airport Authority affiliated firm currently provides the following services; once we become more established, we will eventually broaden to ambulatory transportation:

  • Point-to-Point
  • Airport-to-Airport
  • Destinations from the airport to the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel
  • Transportation for small groups of up to six people each time

Before every trip, we meticulously check and clean every one of our vehicles to guarantee your safety. Before going on their first trip, all our drivers undergo drug testing and background checks. A comprehensive business insurance policy is in place for our fleet.

Why should you pick us as your airport transfer company?

With My RDU Airport Shuttle, you have options. There can be dozens of transfer providers available at once, and your decision will depend on the circumstances. There are many reasons to use our taxi service over other forms of transportation. Taxis are typically faster than public transit and can be more convenient if you travel outside normal business hours. They’re also a great option if you travel with luggage. Whether you’re looking for a quick ride home from the airport or to get around town on a business trip, a taxi service is an excellent option.

Pick us; we are the best.

Book your trip with us today for dependable, secure airport shuttle service at cost-effective flat rates! To make a reservation for one of our transport vehicles and to receive 10% off the final cost, fill out our online reservation form. Consider our shuttle services and RDU taxi cab when you wish to get to Raleigh quickly.

There are various options available to you when selecting an RDU airport taxi. Increase your enjoyment of your trip to or from Raleigh by taking advantage of our great customer service and convenience. You’ll feel less anxious and make the most of your travel time if you take a taxi to and from the airport.

Contact us to make your reservation if you have inquiries about our business or services.

For Immediate Service

We have experience in both small and large group transportation, and our services allow us to be fully equipped for any travel requests of our customers.

Ride Share Service for Ride Share In and around Downtown Raleigh

Currently, RDU Airport Shuttle Service include the following:

  • Point-to-point
  • Airport-to-airport
  • Airport to city destinations within Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill, NC
  • Small group transportation