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Six Reasons to Use a Raleigh Airport Shuttle

Are you flying to or from RDU Airport in Raleigh, North Carolina? This airport is a convenient international access point that opens the Triangle Area up to the world. Regardless of where you are going or coming from, using a Raleigh airport shuttle makes your journey easier. Below are six reasons you should call My RDU Airport Shuttle for your next trip.

A Raleigh Airport Shuttle Gets You There on Time, Every Time

Planning ahead is key to successfully managing any travel itinerary. You have to find the nearest airport, schedule flight tickets, figure out connections and arrange for airport transportation, hotel and destination plans. But one aspect of travel many people leave to the last minute is getting to or from the airport.

Luckily, Raleigh airport shuttle service is one of the most reliable aspects of traveling to or from RDU. These shuttles always get you to your plane and back home again according to an easy schedule. Whether you fly during the day or take a red-eye in the dark of night, you can rely on My RDU Airport Shuttle 24 hours per day, seven days per week and 365 days per year.

An Airport Shuttle Gets You There Stress-Free

Why add stress to your travel itinerary? Whether you face tightly scheduled business meetings or leisure time for a vacation getaway, you do not need extra stress added to your plans. Instead, a Raleigh airport shuttle service gets you to and from the airport without worry about making your flight or getting your bags checked on time. Simply choose the shuttle that meets your scheduling needs best, to give yourself plenty of time to check-in, pass through security and get to your gate. Then, you can grab a coffee, something to eat or souvenirs as you wait for your plane to start boarding.

The Shuttle Serves Many Area Destinations

Whether you live in Raleigh or a sleepy community 90 miles from the RDU airport, My RDU Airport Shuttle provides you with the transportation convenience you need. In fact, Raleigh is only one city in a list of many area towns we serve. You can arrange reliable airport pick-up and drop-off service within a 100-mile radius around RDU. Communities we serve include:

  • Raleigh
  • Durham
  • Wake Forest
  • Chapel Hill
  • Garner
  • Pittsboro
  • Clayton
  • Pinehurst
  • Southern Pines

Some of the specific attractions and nearby destinations served by My RDU Airport Shuttle include:

Service includes point-to-point, airport-to-airport and airport-to-city destinations.

You Save Money

Who wants to bother with airport parking fees, fueling a car, taxi prices and other costly inconveniences when you need to get to your flight? My RDU Airport Shuttle provides economical pricing for all of your point-to-point transportation needs. Even better, you do not have to remember where you parked or worry about damage to your car in the airport parking lot while you are out-of-town.

Raleigh Airport Shuttle Service Accommodates Small or Large Groups

Sometimes you travel alone. For other trips, you travel in a group. Regardless of your group size, My RDU Airport Shuttle can accommodate everyone going to and from the airport. Simply schedule in advance to ensure the convenience of everyone wanting to ride along.

You Can Get Other Things Done on the Way to the Airport

When you take an airport shuttle, you can comfortably sit back and take your eyes off the road. Either enjoy the regional sights as you ride or spend your time texting, emailing or working on your laptop. Really, the choice is up to you. Kids taking a Raleigh airport shuttle with parents enjoy the time to play video games. Adults like the time to catch up on menial tasks, post on social media or prepare for meetings.

Schedule My RDU Airport Shuttle Service Today

For your next trip to the airport or home again, schedule your Raleigh airport shuttle service now. Simply complete the easy online form or call My RDU Airport Shuttle at 919-728-0195.

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