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Minimizing Your Airport Hassles Before The Flight Even Takes Off

Minimizing Your Airport Hassles Before The Flight Even Takes Off

Often when people go on vacation and will be flying, there are a number of mixed emotions when thinking about all that happens once they leave their home to get the trip underway. Of course, thoughts are usually primarily centered around the vacation destination and what activities they’ll be participating in while there. But then thoughts sometimes turn to airport hassles they may have to endure along the way.

Some initial thoughts involve determining what they’ll do about getting to and from the airport, the first thing they’ll have to do to get the whole trip started. They may ask themselves whether driving themselves and self-parking at the airport is the best option. This is how the majority of travelers get to and from airports everywhere. But another option in the Raleigh-Durham area well worth looking into is getting a safe, reliable and on-time airport transport with My RDU airport shuttle.

Travelers that have had less than pleasant experiences at airports may just try a more time-conscious approach to this whole experience. Try to make it a stress-free start to the vacation as opposed to a “necessary” task that must be endured before any enjoyment on vacation begins.

And this can all begin, right from the very start, by avoiding all the driving hassles, remote parking in distant airport parking lots, the cost of parking (which can really add up to quite a large sum), and the worry about the car’s safety and security in that lot while you’re trying to enjoy your time away. Securing a ride with My RDU airport shuttle can put the airport parking concerns immediately to rest, and at the very least eliminating hassles in this ‘leg’ of the whole journey.

In terms of the airport, try getting there even earlier than you would initially plan on getting there before your flight takes off. The TSA recommends 90 minutes to two hours arrival at the airport before domestic flight time (with two hours the absolute minimum for international flights). Multiple flights taking off around the same time result in great numbers of travelers lining up at security checkpoints simultaneously, which can really slow things down considerably. Generally speaking, this early arrival time is a very good suggestion to follow, no matter the size of the airport.

Another factor that can slow things down in the airport is checking in with the airline and getting boarding passes. The closer it gets to boarding time, it seems, the longer and slower these lines get. Try beating the crowd and secure your boarding passes as soon as you are able to for your flight. Here, another potential stress can be averted.

Not a traveler in the world likes getting to the airport with so little time to spare that they’re sweating every little detail (especially about time) every moment until they’re seated on the plane. Why not get to the airport even, say, three hours prior to flight departure? This may seem to some travelers an extraordinarily long time to be in the airport, but it really isn’t. There really are several things you can do to occupy this time prior to boarding, time not having to almost sprint from Point A to B and beyond to make sure you make your flight. Some benefits of early airport arrival include:

  • Getting through TSA security in good time
  • Getting your boarding passes earlier, and avoiding long lines there
  • Time to check your emails, messages, make phone calls, etc. without constantly having one ear trained to PSAs announcing your flight boarding
  • Check out the airport a bit. Look through some stores, and maybe pick up a paper, book, or magazine to read on the flight
  • Relax with a drink or snack at a food or beverage vendor or restaurant
  • People watch! (always popular with air travelers everywhere)

And on your way back home to RDU International, do the same things at the other airport! Once you arrive at RDU, you can then be assured of a nice ride back home with another fine ride from My RDU airport shuttle.