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Tips to Beat Flight Anxiety

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Tips to Beat Flight Anxiety

Flight anxiety plagues millions of travelers daily. The intense fear can be any combination of claustrophobia, fear of heights, loss of control, or packed confined places, Some fear flying because of exposure to unfamiliar people or fear of the unknown. Anxiety symptoms may begin several days prior to your scheduled flight and typically become worse as the days draw nearer.

Fortunately, you can reassure yourself of the safety of airplane flying. To ease your fears, keep in mind that flying is actually the safest form of travel. At all times, there are more than one million people around the world flying in-air and very few crashes. When people are faced with a fearful situation, our bodies produce adrenaline. This rapid adrenaline spike can increase can cause panic attacks.

To Decrease Flight Anxiety Follow These Helpful Tips:

Recognize The Anxiety
Notice that you are feeling anxious early on. Once the phobia kicks in, adrenaline will cause your body to react. Recognizing the onset can help you to actively prepare using these tips.
Use Breathing Techniques
Anxiety often causes shallow breathing which can intensify an attack. Being consciously aware of taking deep, slow breaths will stabilize breathing. By actively regulating your breathing, you take control of the fear. You are using your mind to control your body. Box breathing and deep breathing techniques can be quite effective.
Fly With Your Favorite Airline
Each airline offers varying degrees of service and amenities to suit passengers’ needs. Find an airline you are comfortable with to minimize your level of anxiety.
Avoid Caffeine Before Flight
As a stimulant, caffeine can make anxiety worse and even possibly trigger a panic attack. Try to avoid caffeinated substances up to 24 hours before your flight.
Understand Your Anxiety Triggers and Avoid Them
Each individual is triggered by something different. Some may be triggered by the mere sight of an airplane, while others may find the interior of the plane to be daunting. Being aware of your triggers and actively avoiding them can help significantly.
Imagine You Are Elsewhere
Sometimes you can trick the brain -and subsequently, the body- by envisioning yourself in another environment. Focus on a place that has brought you extreme pleasure or tranquility in the past. Also, closing the window blind might help you to mentally escape the situation. If you are suffering from anxiety, leaving the window blind open will only draw more attention to the fact that you are actively in flight.
Book the Right Seat
Aisle seats or seats in business or first class will give you more space. Or, if possible, pick a seat in the front row for more breathing room.Flight anxiety might seem frightening at the moment, but it is a relatively common issue. The key is to remember to control your breathing when you are unable to control your surroundings. Reassure yourself that flights are extremely safe, and follow these simple pointers for a successful trip, free from anxiety.