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Traveling with Children: Dos and Don’ts

Traveling with Children: Dos and Don’ts

Fall is upon us, and school may have just started, but many of you are probably already thinking about warm places to spend your winter. Now is the best time to plan your trip and find tickets that are affordable. Since you are more than likely going to be traveling with children on your family vacation, below are some of the dos and don’ts of the process, including RDU airport transportation.

Traveling with Children: Dos

Taking a family vacation is a great way to strengthen bonds and creates memories. The act of traveling can be stressful and frustrating, especially when you have to deal with tired or bored kids. Below are some Dos to make traveling with children more enjoyable.

Find Something to Keep Them Entertained

When kids get bored, that’s when their behavior starts spiraling out of control. To reduce the chances of kids getting into trouble or being overly loud in a public space, find ways to keep them entertained. This could include having them color, draw, or read. Find something that they enjoy and make sure it’s readily available.

If you have some type of screen, either a tablet or phone, allow them to watch videos or play games. No matter what your views are on screen time, when it comes to traveling, you can be a bit more flexible to keep kids happy and engaged.

Keep Them Fed

As a parent, you know that your child has moments of being a bottomless pit. This always seem to happen when you go someplace new. When at an airport, the sights and scents of food will probably make your children think they need to sample everything. Keeping them fed is a good way to keep them happy.

What you feed your kids will depend on your personal preferences. You may decide to indulge them and get a snack from the airport, or you may decide to pack your own treats. No matter what, make sure the snack is one of their favorites and it’s quick and easy to eat while on the go.

Get the Right RDU Airport Transportation

Getting to the airport is one of the biggest stressors you might encounter. Traffic and looking for a parking place can be incredibly frustrating and start the trip on the wrong foot. Consider hiring someone to drive you to the airport. This way, you can sit back and relax and talk to your kids about all the fun things you’re going to do once you reach your destination.

Traveling with Children: Don’ts

In addition to the Dos listed above, there are also some Don’ts you’ll want to avoid to keep stress levels at a minimum.

Don’t Travel With Your Child’s Favorite Whatever

Your child probably has a favorite blanket or toy that they insist has to go with them wherever they go. You may allow this when going to places around town, but you should avoid this when going on vacation. Inevitably, your child will set this item down and forget about it. If it gets left behind, this will cause a serious meltdown.

Another option might be to find a traveling toy or blanket. Let your child know that this is a special item that only gets to go on vacation with them. Let them pick it out. If they get to make the choice, they will have ownership and may be more inclined to be okay with not taking their favorite item. The hope is that if they lose this new item, since they don’t have as much of an emotional connection, it might not be that big of a deal.

Don’t Underestimate Your Child’s Stress Levels

Kids can get stressed and anxious about traveling just like you do, especially if this is the first time they are going to fly. Unlike you, kids don’t have the words to explain what is going on. Thus, if they seem unable to sit still or overly tired or emotional, this could be due to stress.

Instead of getting angry, talk to them and ask them what they are looking forward to. You may even ask about their fears, and then let them know that they have a right to feel that way, but things will probably turn out amazing despite their concerns.

Don’t Hinder Their Curiosity

Going on vacation is supposed to be fun and exciting, and there are a lot of new and fun things to see—even in the airport or in the RDU airport transportation. Remember that your child’s world is often small, so seeing these new sights can be wondrous.

While traveling with children remember, if they ask a lot of questions or want to look at things, let them. This is how they learn. You still need to have boundaries, but let your kids be curious.

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