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Safest Way to Travel

Flying is the Safest Way to Travel

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The Safest Way To Travel? Flying

Did you know that one in three Americans are too scared to fly? It’s staggering when you consider the number of traffic accidents compared to those in the friendly skies. At RDU Airport Shuttle, we see people from all walks of life, and we hear about their fears before they hit the runway.

With all the confusion among train wrecks and other methods becoming less safe, it’s essential to put the anxiety behind taking a flight to your next destination. Flying has many benefits, such as getting somewhere much faster, being cheaper than gas prices on long trips, and relaxing or getting work done while someone else deals with navigation. Still, incidents like those with the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 left lingering doubts about this method of transportation.

Did you know you can develop a flight phobia when your anxiety reaches certain levels? It’s scary to think that your fears could be more significant than seeing the benefits of air travel. What’s sad is that many people believe that taking a boat, train, bus, or car is safer than hopping on a plane.

As an agency that works at the RDU Airport, we see all the ins and outs of the flying industry, and it’s never been safer. Heightened security measures after 9/11 made things better for passengers, and stricter guidelines and exhausting maintenance checks have ensured the mechanical aspects.

Crunching the Numbers

Most people get into their car daily to drive to work or run errands, and they never give the safety of such trips a second thought. Each year, the Department of transportation releases data that shows methods of travel and the risks involved. Looking at the previous year, here’s what they’ve compiled.

1. Driving

Driving is the most dangerous method of travel. As a driver, you can perish in that accident, and the odds are 1 in 114. Now, as a passenger in an automobile, your chances increase to 1 in 654. A study found that 77 % of the population has been in at least once auto accident, and your chances of such an occurrence are 1 in 366.

2. Trains

Railroad accidents are a hot topic right now. The safety report shows that most accidents on the railway happen because of people trespassing on the tracks. It causes over 60% of these incidents. With all the talk of the wrecks everywhere for various reasons, people are looking to other methods of travel.

3. Boat

Traveling by boat isn’t as popular as it was in days gone by. The report showed that there were 692 deaths among people using boating transportation. Shockingly, over 90% of those deaths were recreational vessels and not professional cruise lines. While boating is fun, it’s not seen as a viable option to get from one side of the world to the other by most people.

4. Flying

Flying is by far the safest way for you to travel. Your chances of having an incident and perishing in flight are only 1 in 9,821. The report only showed 444 deaths for the year in the friendly skies, and when you consider that over 850 million passengers were flying, it’s a pretty low number. While each life is precious, statistically speaking, the risks are significantly reduced when you fly.

Where is All This Fear Coming From?

Have you ever considered the psychology behind why people are so scared of flying? Experts believe it’s all about risk perception. When something happens in the aviation industry, the major events are splattered across the airwaves. These attention-grabbing events often leave a false impression in your mind of the dangers of traveling by plane.

Sadly, people only hear all the bad things and never hear the statistics above, so their perception is skewed. If you’re driving a car, speeding can increase your chances of a fatal incident. Pilots follow a rigorous safety protocol and have a copilot and crew to ensure things are in order. When and if any unforeseeable threats or dangers come during that flight, they have the power and expertise to handle such events.

Things to Ease Your Nerves for Flying

If you want to ease your nerves before or during a flight, here are some easy tips to help you.

1. Take a Flying Lesson

Many simulated flying lessons online will let you know everything that will happen as a passenger. Knowing these things can help to put your mind at ease.

2. Sit in the Front of the Plane

Your seat choices can help you more than you know. For instance, passengers in the front of the plane have a less bumpy ride than those in the middle or rear of the aircraft.

3. Use a Shuttle Service

Lastly, using a shuttle service to pick you up and transport you to and from the airport is advantageous. At My RDU Airport Shuttle, we take the stress out of flying. Most people fret more about getting to the gate on time and missing their flight than they do about what happens while they’re in the air.

A friendly driver who can navigate the traffic and get you where you need to be is a big help. We can accommodate large parties and help you avoid other costly expenses with air travel.

Put Fear in Its Place

Why not book your next exciting adventure today? When you’re done booking your flight, head to our website and book your transportation assistance. Our website allows you to book a ride in real time without the help of an agent. However, we’re also available 24×7 if you need personal assistance. It’s time to put your fears in their place and enjoy one of the safest ways to travel.

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