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5 Tips on Traveling for Less

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5 Tips on Traveling for Less

Are you one of those individuals who say they would travel more if they had the money to do it? We always hear statements like this at the RDU Airport’s Shuttle Service. It’s often said by folks with good jobs and plenty of vacation time.

The problem is that you’re being held back by some confusion in the travel industry, and it’s time to clear up these misunderstandings. Since we’re in the middle of the action every day, we thought we would offer you some pointers on how to travel and save.

Ways to Save on Travel

If you want to travel more, all you need to do is get your financial priorities straight. You can take exotic vacations anywhere in the world for much less than you imagine.

You don’t have to win the lottery jackpot to travel, but you will need to work to make it happen. Here are some things you can do to make traveling more affordable.

1. Use Loyalty and Reward Programs

Do you have a credit card? Many cards out there will give you rewards for using them. If your credit is good enough to get a card, you can get one that will pay you back. Some offer sign-on bonuses that are quite attractive, while others give you a portion back based on your spending habits.

Did you know that Southwest Airlines even has a credit card? When you use this card, you’re going to be rewarded in a significant way. One of their current promotions is If you spend $5,000 within 90 days, you get 75,000 points. To put things into perspective, you can fly to somewhere far like Thailand with that kind of reward.

So by simply putting household expenses that you’re going to pay anyway on this card, you’re essentially getting free travel bucks. Shop around, look at the various cards, and see which one has the best rewards. By partnering with a good credit card company that has promotional savings, you can earn a free trip anywhere you desire.

2. Spontaneity Is a Good Thing

Our customers always say that some of the best trips are the ones where nothing is planned. As a Shuttle to RDU Airport, we meet people from all walks of life coming and going in every direction. While planning is good, sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind.

Did you know you can save big money when you do last-minute deals? When hotels and airlines have vacancies, they will offer rock bottom prices to keep from having empty seats or rooms. So if you can be a little free-spirited, you can find some great deals on last minute travel.

3. Extended Business Trips

Do you travel for business? At the Raleigh Airport Shuttle, we meet men and women who fly the friendly skies frequently. Why not add a few days to your planned trip?

Most companies will have no problem with you spending a few vacation days and changing your ticket return date. Why not view the sites for free if the company is already picking up some of the tab?

While they likely won’t pay for your hotel and food beyond the dates they need you at this destination, they might be flexible with the airline ticket. You may have to pay a little bit more to change the date, but it will be well worth it.

4. Think Closer Not Farther Away

Sometimes you don’t have to go far from home to have a great vacation. Since we work in the Airport Transportation sector at the RDU Airport, we get all the scoop from our customers.

We often hear about the great deal on travel to fly just a short distance. Instead of thinking about an exotic beach in Costa Rica, you can get an excellent flight to Florida for less. Airlines work on the philosophy that places closer and frequented more should cost less.

5. Avoid Busy Times

You will pay more for your airline tickets during peak travel times. Avoiding times like the holiday season is advisable. Take your vacations in May or September when the summer rush is over, and you will save a significant amount on travel and accommodations.

Final Thoughts on Traveling for Less

Sometimes you need to get creative to do the traveling you want without breaking the bank. When flying in or out of the RDU Airport, don’t forget to use our Shuttle Service.

One way you can save on your trip is to avoid paying parking fees for a vehicle and let us help with your transportation. Our drivers are highly qualified to maneuver the traffic in the area, and we will get you to the gate in plenty of time for your flight.

Is there a destination that you’ve always wanted to see but think you can’t afford? Using these travel tips, you can make the trip of a lifetime a reality.

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